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Mary Zhang, Chinese Medicine Clinic, Kansas City -- Mary Zhang, licensed acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese medicine, Kansas City Missouri, understands the importance of balance and harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. The founder of Chinese Medicine Clinic, Inc., she considers herself a life coach for patients. --  Specializing in Infertility and other Reproductive Wellness with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Licensed acupuncturist, received her medical degree from the Chinese Medicine University, Liaoning, China. Over the past fifteen years, Mary has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China, Germany and the United States in both hospital and clinic settings. She has taught classes and seminars in various hospitals and universities.

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Chinese nutrition is the appetizing counterpart to Chinese herbal medicine.  The only significant difference between the two is that the nutrition tends to be more appetizing than the herbal tea formulas. The Chinese have known for centuries that ordinary foods contain powerful healing properties. Based on the principles of TCM, most importantly that of the "five element theory" and the principle of Yin and Yang. Each food is characterized by its own unique flavor, energies and actions.  Chinese diet therapy regulates and treats the different organs of the body according to the properties of the food.


Chinese Medicine Clinic offers many types of herbs for all different
conditions, including those needed for cooking herbal food.


Before prescribing a therapeutic diet, a doctor of Chinese medicine must first consider many different factors. He will study and observe the patient's constitution, the nature of the illness, type of syndrome, even the season and climate. He will then select the proper ingredients for the patient based upon these multiple points, not just upon the disease alone.  This is the holistic approach.