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Mary Zhang, Chinese Medicine Clinic, Kansas City -- Mary Zhang, licensed acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese medicine, Kansas City Missouri, understands the importance of balance and harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. The founder of Chinese Medicine Clinic, Inc., she considers herself a life coach for patients. --  Specializing in Infertility and other Reproductive Wellness with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Licensed acupuncturist, received her medical degree from the Chinese Medicine University, Liaoning, China. Over the past fifteen years, Mary has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China, Germany and the United States in both hospital and clinic settings. She has taught classes and seminars in various hospitals and universities.

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Based on the principles of TCM, most importantly that of the "five element theory" and the principle of Yin and Yang, each food is characterized by its own unique flavor, energies and actions.  Chinese diet therapy regulates and treats the different organs of the body according to the properties of the food.


A list of Food Groups, desired results of those foods, their remedies and therapeutics are listed on this page:


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Five Element Distinctions of Meat

  • Wood: chicken

  • Fire: lamb

  • Earth: cow

  • Metal: horse

  • Water: pig




neutral, sweet, Sp & St Qi & Blood Tonic


warm, sweet, Sp, Ki, Qi Tonic, Warms Interior


warm, salty, Sp Qi Tonic, Produces fluids, subdues Reb. Qi


neutral, sweet & salty, Sp, St, Ki, Lubricates dryness (Ni: sl. cold)





neutral, sweet, Ht, Lu, St, Lu & St tonic, produces fluids & lubricates the intestines


warm, sweet, Yang, Qi & Blood tonic, circulates blood

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warm, sweet, Kidney Yang tonic


warm, sweet, Liv, Sp, Ki, Qi tonic, treats Bi syndrome, strengthens bone


warm, salty, Liv & Ki Qi tonic, treats simple goiter


neutral, sweet & salty, detoxifies, sharpens vision


neutral, sweet & salty, Sp, Tonifies Qi, Blood, & Yin lubricates dryness, reduces swelling, tonifies 5 Zang


neutral, sweet, Sp & St, facilitates water passage, promotes milk secretion, heals swelling


neutral, salty, Liv & Ki, Blood tonic, sharpens vision


neutral, sweet & salty, Blood tonic

Oyster shell:

cool, salty, Liv & Ki, stops sweating, astringes Jing, softens hardness

Saltwater clam:

cold, salty, St, promotes water passage, eliminates phlegm, softens hardness

Freshwater clam:

cold, sweet & salty, Liv & Ki, detoxifies, sharpens vision


cold, salty, Liv & St, activates blood, cools heat sensations facilitates recovery of dislocations


cold, salty, St, softens hardness, facilitates water passage


cold, salty, softens hardness, eliminates phlegm, promotes water passage





neutral, sweet & salty, Lu, Ki, Facilitates water passage, reduces, swellings


warm, sweet, Sp, St, Qi Tonic, Warms Interior



Chicken egg:

neutral, sweet, Blood tonic, lubricates dryness

Egg white:

cool, sweet, detoxifies, lubricates Lu, cools hot sensations, benefits throat

Egg yolk:

neutral, sweet, Ht & Ki, blood tonic, lubricates dryness


checks gastric acid, arrests bleeding

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Five Element Distinctions of Grains

  • Wood: wheat

  • Fire: corn

  • Earth: grain

  • Metal: rain

  • Water: bean


Glutinous rice:

warm, sweet, Sp, St, Lu, Sp Qi tonic


sl. warm, sweet, Sp & St, promotes digestion

White rice:

neutral, sweet, Sp & St, Sp Qi tonic

Rice bran:

neutral, sweet & pungent, St, LI, descends energy


neutral, bitter, dries dampness, diuretic

Whole wheat:

cool, sweet, Ht, Sp, Ki, Ht & Ki tonic

Wheat bran:

cool, sweet, St, cools St Fire,


cool, sweet, LI, St, Sp, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat sedates Yang,

Job's Tears:

cool, sweet, Sp, Lu Ki, detoxifies, Sp & Lu Qi tonic, diuretic


cool, sweet & salty, Sp & St, regulates St, expands intestines, promotes urination


cool, sweet & salty, St, Sp, Ki, Qi & Blood tonic, clears heat, lubricates dryness, Tonifies Yin, benefits digestion detoxifies



Soybean Oil:

hot, pungent & sweet, lubricates intestines Sword bean: warm, sweet, Ki, St & LI: warms interior, tonifies Ki, descends Reb Qi.

String bean:

neutral, sweet, Sp & Ki, Qi, Blood & Yin tonic

Yellow soybean:

neutral, sweet, Sp & LI, Qi tonic, lubricates dryness, eliminates edema

Black soybean:

neutral, sweet, Sp & Ki, circulates Blood & fluids treats Bi syndrome, detoxifies


neutral, sweet, LI & St, Qi & Blood tonic, diuretic

Hyacinth bean:

neutral, sweet, Sp & St, Qi tonic, eliminates edema

Broad bean:

neutral, sweet, Sp & St, Qi tonic, eliminates edema


neutral, sweet, Sp & St, Qi & Blood tonic, descends Reb Qi, diuretic, induces bowel movements

Kidney bean:

neutral, sweet & bland, diuretic, heals swellings

Adzuki bean:

neutral, sweet & sour, Ht & SI, diuretic, heals swellings, detoxifies

Castor bean:

neutral, sweet & pungent, Lu & LI, detoxifies & heals swellings, induces bowel movements

Mung bean:

cool, sweet, Ht & St, detoxifies, clears heat, diuretic


cool, sweet, LI & Sp, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat, lubricates dryness, eliminates edema


cool, sweet, Sp, St, LI, Qi tonic, produces fluids, lubricates dryness, detoxifies


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warm, sweet, Ki & Lu, Ki tonic, lubricates intestines, astringes Jing


warm sweet, Sp, St & Ki tonic, circulates Blood & stops bleeding


neutral, sweet, Sp & Lu, Qi & Blood tonic, lubricates Lu, harmonizes stomach

Peanut Oil:

neutral, sweet, Qi & Blood tonic, lubricates intestines, pushes accumulations downward


neutral, sweet, Lu, Qi & Blood tonic, lubricates Lu, relieves cough, transforms phlegm, lowers Reb Qi





hot, pungent, Sp & Ki, Sp & Ki tonic, arrests bleeding, stops Sp Qi sinking

Sunflower seed:

warm & neutral, sweet & bland, Liv & LI, stops diarrhea, facilitates eruption of measles, subdue Liv


warm, sweet, Lu, LI & Liv, lubricates Lu & LI, stops cough, Qi, Yang & Blood tonic, promotes fluids, moves Stagnant Blood, expels cold & wind

Dill seed:

warm, pungent, Sp & Ki, Qi & Yang tonic, moves Stagnant Blood, regulates Qi, expels cold

Fennel seed:

warm, pungent, St, UB & Ki, Qi & Yang tonic, moves Stagnant Blood, regulates Qi, expels cold, harmonizes St

Bitter apricot seed:

warm, pungent & bitter, toxic, Lu & LI, stops cough, relieves asthma, lubricates intestines

Sweet apricot seed:

warm, pungent & sweet, Lu, LI, Sp, Sp Qi tonic, lubricates intestines, stops cough

Sesame seed:

sl. warm, sweet, Liv & Ki tonic, lubricates intestines, "blackens" gray hair, general tonic

Black sesame seed:

neutral, sweet, Liv & Ki tonic

Cherry seed:

neutral, bitter & pungent, LI, promotes measle eruption, detoxifies

Lotus seed:

neutral, sweet & harsh, Sp, Ht & Ki tonic, Qi & Blood tonic, constricts the intestines

Sesame oil:

cool, sweet, St, detoxifies, lubricates dryness, promotes bowel movements, produces muscles


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FRUIT -- Warm


warm, sweet, (St & LI) obstructive & constrictive, stops diarrhea & bleeding

Chinese Date
(red & black):

warm, sweet, Sp & St, Qi & Blood tonic, produces fluids, detoxifies,

(Long Yan/Dragon's Eyes):

warm, sweet, Sp & Ht, Yang, Qi & Blood tonic, removes Blood Stag., calms Shen

milk & meat:

warm, sweet, produce fluids, promote urination, kills intestinal worms


warm, sweet & sour, (Lu & LI), activates Blood, Qi, Blood & Yang tonic, produces fluid, lubricates intestines, stops cough, expels cold


warm, sweet & sour, Liv & Ki, Liv & Ki tonic, controls urination, astringes Jing


warm, sweet & sour, Sp & Liv, Yang, Qi & Blood tonic, Regulates Qi & Blood, soothes Liv & calms Shen


warm, sweet & harsh: Qi, Yang, & Blood tonic, activates Qi & Blood, expels Cold, Wind, & Damp


warm, pungent, sweet & sour, (Lu & Sp), circulates Qi, relieves cough, transforms Phlegm

Dried Mandarin
orange peel:

warm, pungent & bitter, Sp & Lu, regulates Qi, dries dampness, transforms Phlegm

Hawthorn Fruit:

sl. warm, sweet & sour, Sp, St & Liv, harmonizes Middle Jiao, removes Qi, Blood & Food Stagnation (esp. meat), expels tapeworms



FRUIT -- Neutral


neutral, sweet, (Sp, St, Lu & LI), promotes digestion, destroys intestinal worms, lubricates Lu, stops cough


neutral, sweet, Sp & LI, St tonic, detoxifies


neutral, sweet & sour, Lu, Sp & Ki, Qi & Blood tonic, strengthens tendons & bones, promotes urination

Crab apple:

neutral, sweet & sour, Ht, Liv & Lu, quenches thirst, stops diarrhea, astringes Jing


neutral, sweet & sour, Lu & St, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Lu, benefits throat, produces fluids, detoxifies


neutral, (sweet & sl. bitter),(Lu, St & Liv), lubricates dryness, harmonizes St & soothes Liv, descends Reb. Qi, stops cough


neutral, sweet & sour, Lu, lubricates Lu, produces fluids


neutral, sweet & sour, Qi & Blood tonic, promotes urination & digestion, quenches thirst, stops diarrhea, clears Summer Heat


neutral, sweet & sour, Liv & Ki, produces fluids, promotes digestion & urination, soothes the Liv

Sour Plum:

neutral, ex. sour, Liv, produces fluids, destroys worms


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FRUIT -- Cool


cool, ex. sour, promotes fluids, harmonizes St, relieves thirst


cool, sweet & sour, (St & Lu), Qi & Blood tonic, benefits St, relieves vomiting, quenches thirst, diuretic

Mandarin Orange:

cool, sweet & sour, (Lu), diuretic, lubricates Lu, relieves cough, transforms Phlegm


cool, sweet & sour, Lu & St, produces fluids, lubricates Lu, promotes digestion, relieves intoxication


cool, sweet & sour, Lu & Sp, lubricates Lu, produces fluids, detoxifies alcohol


cool, sweet & sl. sour, Lu & St, produces fluids, lubricates dryness, transforms phlegm, clears Heat


cold, sweet, Ht, SI, Lu (& Sp), Qi, Blood & Yin tonic, quenches thirst, lubricates Lu, benefits Sp, clears Heat


cold, sweet, Ht, St & UB, promotes urination, lubricates intestines, quenches thirst, clears Summer Heat, detoxifies


cold, sweet, lubricates intestine, detoxifies


cold, sweet & sour, (St & Sp) harmonizes Middle Jiao, circulates Qi, detoxifies alcohol.

Star Fruit (Carambola):

cold, sweet & sour, (St, Ki & UB) clears Heat, produces fluids, promotes urination(treats stone Lin), detoxifies


cold, sweet, Ht & St, clears Heat, quenches thirst, promotes urination,






warm, pungent, Liv & Lu, Qi & Yang tonic, regulates Qi, removes Blood Stagnation, expels Cold, sedates Yin, clears St Fire


warm, pungent, Lu & St, Assists Yang, tonifies & regulates Qi, clears Heat, sedates Yang, dries Damp, diuretic, removes Blood stagnation, expels Cold

Mustard Greens:

warm, pungent, Lu, Qi & Yang Tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, expels cold, sedates Yin, expands Lu, transforms Phlegm


warm sweet, Sp & St, Qi, Yang & Blood tonic, circulates Blood, heals inflammation, relieves pain




Chinese cabbage:

neutral, sweet, St & LI, promotes digestion & urination, tonifies Ki & Brain.


neutral, sweet, Lu & St, Sp Qi tonic, dries dampness & Phlegm


neutral, sweet, St & LI, Qi & Blood tonic, regulates Middle Jiao stimulates appetite, diuretic

Black Fungus:

neutral, sweet, St & LI, Qi & Blood tonic, cools Blood, stops bleeding

White Fungus:

neutral, sweet, Lu, Yin tonic, produces fluids, lubricates Lu


neutral, sweet, (Lu & Sp), Qi & Blood tonic, dries Damp, diaphoretic


neutral, sweet, Sp, Sp Qi tonic, heals inflammation

Sweet Potato:

neutral, sweet, Lu, Sp & Ki, Qi, Blood & Yin tonic, benefits Kidneys, astringes Jing

Shiitake Mushroom:

neutral, sweet, St, Qi & Blood tonic, benefits St


neutral, sweet bitter, St & Liv, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat, sedates Yang, dries Damp, calms Liver, expels Wind


neutral, sweet & pungent, St & LI, Qi, Yang & Blood tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, clears Heat, reduces swellings


neutral, sweet, pungent, bitter, Qi, Yang & Blood tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, clears Heat & Yang, dries Damp, diaphoretic, lowers Reb. Qi, detoxifies Yin tonic, clears Heat & Fire, dries Damp, clears Lu, lubricates Dryness, diaphoretic


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Alfalfa sprouts:

cool, bitter, St & Sp, benefits St & Sp, dispels Damp- ness, lubricates intestines


cool, sweet & bitter, Lu & Ki, Qi, Blood & Yin tonic, clears Heat & Fire, dries Damp, lubricates Dryness, clears Lu, diaphoretic


cool, bitter & sweet, St & LI, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, dries Dampness & diuretic, aids lactation


cool, sweet, Sp, St & LI, clears Heat Yang, & detoxifies, promotes urination & quenches thirst


cool, sweet, Sp, St & LI, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, removes Blood Stagnation, relieves pain, heals swelling


cool, sweet, Lu, LI, St & Sp, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, calms Shen, stimulates appetite, regulates Qi, transforms Phlegm


cool, sweet, LI & SI, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, hemostatic, lubricates Dryness

Winter Melon:

cool, sweet, Lu, LI, UB, & SI, detoxifies, diuretic, transforms Phlegm

Swiss Chard:

cool, sweet, Su, LI, Sp & St, Qi Y Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, detoxifies, hemostatic, relieves coagulations


cool, sweet & pungent, Lu & St, Qi, Yang & Blood tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, clears Heat & Yang, lubricates Lu, quenches thirst, diuretic


cool, pungent & sweet, Lu & St, Qi, & Blood tonic, clears Heat & detoxifies, transforms Phlegm-Heat, lowers Reb. Qi

Bamboo shoot:

cold, sweet, Tonifies Qi, Blood & Yin, clears Heat, detoxifies (often used to balance warm energy of meat)


cold, salty, St & Sp, Yin tonic, clears Heat, lubricates Dryness, softens Hardness, promotes flow of Water

Lotus Root:

cold, sweet, Sp St & Ht, Qi, Blood & Yin tonic, cools Blood (when raw), stimulates appetite, produces muscles, relieves diarrhea (when cooked)

Water Chestnut:

cold, sweet, Lu & St, clears heat, Yin tonic, trans- forms Phlegm, diuretic


cold, bitter, LI & St, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, dries Dampness, diuretic


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Dried Ginger:

hot, pungent, Lu, St & Sp, Yang & Qi tonic, circulates Blood, warms Middle Jiao, opens the meridians

(black & white):

hot, pungent, St & LI, warms interior, descends Reb. Qi

(red & green):

hot, pungent, Ht & Sp, warms interior, harmonizes Middle Jiao, stimulates appetite

Cinnamon Bark:

hot, sweet & pungent, Sp, Ki, UB, diaphoretic, strengthens St, warms surface & interior

Fennel seed:

warm, pungent, Ki, UB, St, Warms Interior, circulates Qi

Sweet Basil:

warm, pungent, Lu, LI, Sp, St, Qi & Yang tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, harmonizes St

Dill seed:

warm, pungent, Sp & Ki, Qi & Yang tonic, circulates Qi & Blood


warm, pungent, Sp, St & Lu, Qi & Yang tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, warms Middle Jiao, destroys worms


warm, pungent, St, Sp & Ki, Yang tonic, warms Interior

Fresh Ginger:

warm, pungent, Lu, St & Sp, diaphoretic, Yang & Qi tonic, circulates Blood, transforms Phlegm, stops vomiting


warm pungent, Lu & Sp, diaphoretic, harmonizes Middle Jiao


warm pungent, Sp & LI, Qi & Yang tonic, warms Interior, circulates Blood, warms Middle Jiao, lowers Reb. Qi

Cinnamon Twig:

warm, pungent & sweet, UB, Ht, Lu, diaphoretic, warms Upper Jiao

Star Anise:

warm, pungent & sweet, Sp, Ki, Liv, Yang tonic, circulates Qi, harmonizes St, stops vomiting

Caraway Seed:

warm, sl. pungent, Ki & St, circulates Qi, descends Reb Qi


warm, pungent & sweet, (Lu & Sp), diaphoretic, circulates Qi & Blood


warm, sweet, & sl bitter, Sp, Lu (Ht), Qi tonic, produces fluids, calms Shen


warm, pungent, (Lu, St), diaphoretic, activates Blood, strengthens St, calms Shen


neutral, sweet, Ht & Liv, circulates Qi & Blood, eliminates Blood Stagnation


neutral, sweet, Sp, St & Lu, lubricates lungs, detoxifies, moderates effects of other herbs


cool, pungent, Lu & Liv, diaphoretic, regulates Qi & Blood


cool, pungent, (Lu & Sp), diaphoretic, circulates Qi, drains dampness


Miscellaneous Foods

Brown sugar:

warm, sweet, Liv, Sp & St, Qi tonic, circulates blood


warm, sour & bitter, Liv & St, disperses coagulations, detoxifies, arrest bleeding


warm, sweet, bitter & pungent, Ht, Liv, Lu & St, promotes blood circulation, expels cold, speeds up effects of herbs


warm, sweet & bitter, Ht, Heart tonic, stimulant, diuretic


warm, sweet, Lu & Sp, Qi tonic, lubricates Lu, stops cough

White sugar:

neutral, sweet, Lu & Sp, lubricates Lu, produces fluids, Qi tonic


neutral, sweet, Lu, Sp & LI, detoxifies, lubricates dryness, relieves pain


sl cold, bitter, sweet, Ht, Lu & St, quenches thirst, promotes digestion & urination, awakens Shen


cold, salty, St, Ki, SI & LI, detoxifies, clears Heat, lubricates dryness, Yin tonic

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