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Mary Zhang, Chinese Medicine Clinic, Kansas City -- Mary Zhang, licensed acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese medicine, Kansas City Missouri, understands the importance of balance and harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. The founder of Chinese Medicine Clinic, Inc., she considers herself a life coach for patients. --  Specializing in Infertility and other Reproductive Wellness with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Licensed acupuncturist, received her medical degree from the Chinese Medicine University, Liaoning, China. Over the past fifteen years, Mary has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China, Germany and the United States in both hospital and clinic settings. She has taught classes and seminars in various hospitals and universities.

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 9229 Ward Parkway, Suite 107
Kansas City, MO  64114
Phone: 816.361.8885
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My husband and I will be forever grateful to Mary.  We are firm believers in her and what she can do. 

             -- Monica Grain Valley, MO


Mary has given me a future of healthy, "smoke free" living. Today, I am smoke free for over 3 weeks for the first time in 40 years of smoking over 2 packs per day. Her skill, caring and dedication to me succeeding are the ingredients that cured me of my addiction. Thanks to Mary. 
              -- Joe


Mary helped me get my health back on track!  I had a lot of pain in my back due to stress.  So, after going to chiropractic and massage therapy, which didn't help, I decided to try acupuncture.  I felt that after all else I had nothing to loose.  Not only did she help ease the pain and stress in my back, there was an added bonus of loosing weight!  I had been trying to loose weight for long time.  I feel so wonderful and can't say enough good things about Mary and her ability.
                -- Linda

Thank you so much for making me feel better! When I first came to you, I was so tired that I didn't have enough energy to really enjoy the things in my life. I often didn't have enough energy to ride my horse or go out walking with my dog. My periods were almost non-existent and when I did have them, they were so painful and made me so sick that I had to take off from work. I was concerned that I might not be able to have kids one day. I am only 22 and I knew that something wasn't right, but medical doctors said I was fine. When I found you, I started noticing an increase in my energy level after the first time you worked on me. Now, I have so much energy, I am able to keep up with all of the things in my life. I even look forward to a lot of activities now! Also, my periods are like clockwork now and don't hurt me anymore. I am much less moody, which my family really appreciates! You showed me how I am supposed to feel and have made my life so much better. I bound out of bed now to go ride my horse. I can't say thank you enough! You are my angel!
              -- Catherine, age 22


I began seeing Mary about one year ago. I have suffered with anxiety for many years and she has been a wonderful influence in my life.  Her abilities have made a huge different in how I feel overall. Plus on the top of her personality, I know that she truly cares about the well-being of all her patients.

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